• 51.2V 280AH Lithium battery

  • 51.2V 120AH Lithium battery

  • 4S 5A Active Balancer

  • MSH 5.5KW 48V MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • HSI plus 1KW 12V/24V MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • HMK 7.2KW 48V MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • 51.2V 184AH Lithium battery

  • HX 15KW 192V MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • HMII 5500W 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • SPC Series 2.2KW 220/380VAC solar pump inverter

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Professional manufactuer

         FOSHAN TOP ONE POWER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is one of the leading OEM factory of inverter and controller for more than 16 years. Over these years,we had established our own brand “ONE INVERTER” by our continuously efforts. Now achieved excellent reputation at domestic and abroad with a series of technology patents and intellectual property.

We are specializing in off grid low frequency pure sine wave inverter / UPS inverter / Hybrid solar inverter/ water pump solar inverter / split phase inverter. Solar inverter range from 350w to 30kw . water pump inverter range from 2HP to 50HP. MPPT solar charge controller range from 20A to 120A...


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With innovative technology, product and design, to make life better and more certifications.


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